We Are More Than Just Financial Planners

We’re life planners.

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Morey & Quinn
Morey & Quinn

At Morey & Quinn Wealth Partners, our vision is to help preserve our clients’ financial well-being with an unrelenting focus on placing your needs first, always. We value your trust in our expertise, which gives us the independence to create unique, successful client experiences. We're passionate about people and their money, and love working alongside our clients as we get to know you, personally. Our holistic, collaborative approach is designed for your success; for your well planned life.

Your Partners on the Path

No two clients’ needs are the same. Our financial planning approach is designed to create a quality experience for each and every client. When you realize you have the understanding to utilize your assets and are ready to commit to building your wealth, we help you develop your financial plan.

We take you through a thorough planning process to design your unique portfolio. We take the time to learn about your experiences, risk tolerance, and all your hopes and dreams. Then, together, we’ll build an individualized financial plan around:

  • Your timeframes and life events
  • Handpicked investments
  • Individual equities
  • Your risk tolerance
  • Models built for your needs

Our Approach

Our personalized process provides a strong foundation for establishing long-term professional relationships. We invest time to make sure your financial goals are understood and that your personal financial plan and investment strategy works towards those goals with a focus on accumulating and preserving wealth, mitigating taxes and providing income for retirement.

Initial Exploration Meetings

Assessment of current financial well-being

Discussion of goals

Discuss risk vs reward

Why We Do It:

  • Establish your goals
  • Understand your situation
  • Assess if we can add substantial value to your situation

Financial Planning

Create and agree on a guiding investing policy statement

Create a plan based upon your current financial lives

Evaluate insurance needs

Discuss current Social Security, 401K plan and other retirement resources, if applicable

Present the plan

Discuss next steps

Why We Do It

  • Allows us to clearly picture your specific beliefs about investing
  • Allows you time to digest the plan before implementation

Service Commitment & Implementation

Execute your recommended plan with proper paperwork

Walk through services, including online access and cash management tools; set up statement and communications preferences

Why We Do It

  • Begin to adopt personal financial plan
  • Ensure the service we deliver is in line with your expectations and serves your needs as best as possible

Financial Plan Meeting

Review your personalized, comprehensive financial plan

Re-assess and re-prioritize your goals if necessary

Why We Do It:

  • Set a schedule for the coming months to make sure all open items are addressed in a timely manner

Regular Progress Meetings

Annual reviews

Review investments and financial plan; assess progress and recommend adjustments

Semi-annually or quarterly if needed

Year-end planning

Timely planning to help mitigate your tax burden

Why We Do It:

  • Ensure implementation of financial plan is successful
  • Review progress and re-prioritize goals when necessary to realized financial goals