Staying Ahead of the Intelligence Revolution

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By Michael Morey
Financial Advisor, RJFS



Changes Ahead: The Intelligence Revolution is advancing our technology by leaps and bounds. With it, comes the potential for greater investment opportunities in the technology sector.

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If you’re like me and have young children or family members, they can probably run circles around you when it comes to operating a computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet. I constantly have to remind myself that the younger generations have had an iPad or smart-device in their hand since they were babies, while the rest of us grew up with typewriters and dial-up internet connections if we were lucky. The ability to adapt to changing technology, and quickly, is becoming a necessary life skill.

The Intelligence Revolution and Advancements in Technology

As recently as the last decade, we have seen incredible advances in technology and a series of industrial revolutions that some would call the “Intelligence Revolution.” This Intelligence Revolution will consist of advancements in data flows, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, among others. A big contributor to these advancements is the rollout of “5G.” 5G is short for fifth generation wireless connectivity. In short, the 5G network is expected to deliver data 20 times faster than our current wireless networks do.

But before we begin dreaming about owning the latest and greatest phones or gadgets with more capabilities than could have been imagined 50 years ago, there must first be a foundation laid, or the creation of a new technology infrastructure.

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Next Steps: Infrastructure and Growth

The infrastructure for this Intelligence Revolution is estimated to cost trillions of dollars in the next several years alone. It will consist of wireless towers, fiber optic networks and data centers. For example: most cell towers today have between 3 and 15 antennas, but in a 5G network, it is estimated that cell towers will have as many as 128 antennas to increase capacity.

Another example is the growth of the “internet of things” (IoT), which generally consists of everything that connects us to the internet, including: devices ranging from smartphones and laptops, to the lock on the front door of your home, to your smart refrigerator, among others. Today, there are currently over seven billion IoT devices in use. It is estimated that by 2025, over 75 billion such devices will be in use! The reality is that an upgrade and increase in technology infrastructure must take place in order to handle all of the anticipated volume that the 5G network will bring with it.

Cyber Security in the Age of 5G

With the advancements in technology also comes the threat of cyber-attacks and the need for increased cyber security. You have probably noticed the emphasis by companies to ensure the security of your information, and all of the different passwords and security questions you are now forced to remember every single day. The growing sophistication of cyber criminals presents the need for not only corporations, but also governments to invest billions of dollars into cyber security. In 2019, the United States Federal government alone spent $15 billion for cyber security, a $583 million increase from the year before. This demand creates great opportunities for technology companies to develop the technology and software needed to keep pace with ever-evolving cyber threats from around the globe.

Why Technology Companies Are Poised to Lead

While familiar technology companies like Apple and Microsoft tend to grab the daily headlines, now is a great time to keep in mind all of the other companies working behind the scenes to make the Intelligence Revolution a reality.

Over the last year, the pandemic forced many of us to work from home, our children to attend school remotely, and countless other inconveniences. But along with the challenges the COVID-19 virus has brought, our age of technology has taken a major leap forward in order to address the needs of social distancing (look no further than Zoom). The pace of this growth creates some great opportunities for companies that are positioned to create and support this future technology, and may also lead to potential investment opportunities as the next wave of 5G technology unfolds.

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The Intelligence Revolution and Investing in 5G Technology

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