Don’t Let Emotions Sink Your Financial Plan

By Bobbie Salow, Senior Practice Manager

Emotional Investor

If you are an emotional investor, you may watch the volatility of the markets and want to jump ship. But how will you know if it’s the right time to react?

Five Signs You are an Emotional Investor

Most everyone has emotions tied up in their financial investments. Emotional investing is a combination of concern for market ups and downs, a tendency to overreact, as well as sensitivity to success or loss. Here are five signs you might be an emotional investor.

  1. How you feel about the ups or downs of today distracts you from seeing the value of your long-term plan.
  2. The rush of excitement over a stock’s success, or the pit of despair from a down day leads you to change your investment positions.
  3. You’re anxious about your finances every time there’s fearful news on TV.
  4. You have a tendency for DIY investing and feel tempted to dabble in your portfolio every day.
  5. You were told to do nothing and wait for a natural course correction. But you’re getting very nervous and about to jump ship.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! It’s normal to want to do something when you see a troublesome trend affecting your investments. Plus, there is so much data and information to interpret, how does a person know what to do?

The first step is to understand how you react emotionally to changing financial situations. The next step is to find a sound financial advisor who you can call for guidance when you’re experiencing emotional ups and downs.

Find a Financial Advisor Who Helps You “Stay in the Boat”

Reacting too frequently can take you off course and hurt your earnings in the long run. Morey & Quinn advisors focus on personal relationships and have a deeper understanding of your relationship to money. We help educate and re-educate our clients on the benefits of sticking to their long-term strategies, or making a move, depending on what’s in your best interest.

“When I get calls from clients who tend to be emotional investors, I help re-orient them to their long-term strategies with educational resources and plenty of reassurance. I encourage them to ‘stay in the boat’ and remind them that there’s plenty of smooth sailing ahead.”
-Pauline Quinn, MSAPM
Registered Principal, RJFS

We’ll help you track your progress at set intervals and do a financial checkup whenever you need it. We listen to the worries you have, and are ready with knowledgable financial advice to guide your next moves. Morey & Quinn advisors provide comprehensive portfolio management and regular reviews of your account using Raymond James’ exclusive GOAL planning and monitoring services. As your financial planning partner, we constantly stay in contact to answer your questions. Our quarterly, semi-annual or annual reviews along with regular account updates are designed to help you stick to your plan, so you can feel confident about reaching your goals.

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Confidence to Stay the Course

Morey & Quinn Wealth Partners are your partners on the path to a well planned life. We designed our approach to delve beyond the typical question “what are your goals?” to get to the heart of why your goals are important. We challenge you to discuss what you want for your future and open up about your relationship with money to see how this could influence your decision making when it comes to your goals. Though sometimes hard and complicated, our conversations about money and emotions are important, and designed to challenge you to be the best you can be.

Discover the Value of a Well Planned Life

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